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Setting up this app [edit: it allows me to post to this self-hosted WordPress blog using my iPhone]. It’s slow on my phone so I will finish on my computer which is just over there. Give me a minute, I need a hot drink.

Sorry that took so long.  I put in some laundry, made it so that a client could use the app, wrote an email explaining how to do it and fixed a few bits and bobs on the site (at the end).  I also had a little bit of mug angst getting the tea.  I generally use the same mugs over and over but worry about the less frequently used mugs getting a complex, so used the cat mug.  Then I took a photo of it, because posts are nicer with photos and I thought the cat mug would appreciate it.

There is a reason everything takes me forever to do.

Back to setting up the app.  It was easy enough to download from the app store – search “WordPress” and it’s WordPress for iOS.  The first error I had was:

412 Precondition Failed. The precondition on the request for the URL /blog/xmlrpc.php evaluated to false.

Something like that, at any rate.  The file path was different.  It’s easy enough to fix, add:

to your .htaccess file as per the instructions on the WordPress support forum.  My second error was:

xml-rpc services are disabled on this site.  An admin user can enable them at … options-writing.php

Easy to fix, simply go to your dashboard, then Settings -> Writing, and tick the box under Remote Publishing labeled XML-RPC.

Tick the box. It's easy.

There you go! Or at least, there I went. I didn’t have any further errors except user errors (couldn’t type my password properly) and it worked fine. It was sloooow on my phone though but I’m on an iPhone 3GS running OS 4.2.1.  Getting a new one soon.

What I did on the site:

Put in a proper favicon in the ico format, using ConvertICO.com. My Firefox isn’t showing the favicon for some reason but it can be a little tempermental, I think it’s all the crap I have installed.  There was something else, too, but I forget what.

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  1. The cat mug has been sitting in the back of the cupboard gloating for months about how hard the other mugs have to work while it gets to sit there on extended holiday licking its paws and basically just being cat-mug-like. I know because your flower mug told me in a moment of over-use stress. ’bout time you made that lazy cat mug earn it’s keep. congrats.

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