OmniFocus clippings from Firefox

Irrationally annoyed that this was an issue.  I use OmniFocus – a brilliant program that works for me when I am working or have projects which require me to remember to do things.  Pricey but has been worth it thus far.  One of the best features is being able to clip whatever I’m looking at (in, eg, Mail) and send it to the program instead of vaguely thinking that I should remember it.  Of course, this doesn’t always work – I have just had the thought “&#*&, I owe C an email from November” – I have to remember to clip in the first place.  And it’s easy peasy – I just hit ⌘. (cmd and period at the same time – I set this particular shortcut up in the preferences) – which autopopulates the Quick Entry panel.

It doesn’t work in Firefox.  Not sure how I haven’t noticed until now but there you go.  It is not possible (that I’ve found) to set up a clipping keyboard shortcut in Firefox, but you can use a bookmarked url to do it.  So if you’re on a page and want to send it to OmniFocus, just click on the bookmark – mine’s in my bookmarks toolbar – and Bob’s your uncle (making you my cousin, hi!).  This is the OmniFocus clipping bookmark for FirefoxHere is where I found it.  Oh, it looks like it’s only for Mac, but that’s ok, OmniFocus is only for Mac.  Not sure if it works in other browsers – if you’re using Safari, you can use a shortcut, so no need. If you’re using IE, don’tJust don’t. Please. I am not sure why you would be reading this if you are on Windows – maybe it’s my stellar writing.

Or maybe it’s because you’d like to know which coffee cup I’m using today. It is the one my eldest got me for Mother’s Day a few years back.  I am holding to my resolution to use my coffee cups more equally and share the burden / joy – whichever way they feel, it just seems like a more equitable way of doing things.


  1. The phrase “bob’s your uncle” has long been one of my favorite idioms. But “and Bob’s your uncle (making you my cousin, hi!)” has immediately rocketed to the top of my portfolio of fun one-liners. Also, I was urgently looking for a way to get clippings from Firefox into OmniFocus. Thanks for making the journey education and fun!

  2. Thank you so much for the useful link.

  3. This is great–really helpful. I’m using the bookmarklet now, but are things any easier for integrating Firefox and OmniFocus?

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