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The start of this post was about beauty blogs but I don’t read them, except occasionally, except Facegoop which is utterly funny and fantastic and if I don’t read that regularly, it’s because they don’t post regularly.  Bad M! Bad E!  I do flip through other ones every now and then to see the latest and greatest but always get the feeling that they’re testing testers and it’s not a true measure of a product.  What I would love to know is what people repeatedly buy and not because they’re in a rut but because they like the product enough to not buy the current hot new thing.

Here are mine with photographic proof that they get heavy use. Oh!  You need to know about my face.  I’m 40, have dry-ish skin and eyelids that get irritated if I’m not a little careful.  Serious under eye circles but no bags.  I need yellowy foundation and concealer and look better in makeup although I don’t wear tons.

Lipstick Queen in Saint Wine and Saint Nude

These are sheer lipsticks with colour that can be built up a bit – there’s not a ton of pigment.  The feel is absolutely fantastic; they are not drying at all and excellent even on chapped lips. I swear that Saint Wine has magical powers, too; if I’m stressed or feeling out of control, I slap a bit on and am ready to face things.  Saint Wine is a more blue-y red and Saint Nude is, well, nude.  If you know what colour would look good on someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, these are a great gift.  (I have had good luck in this department at least. They are one of the most user friendly lipsticks I’ve ever worn.)

By Terry Touche Eclat and Teint Délectation

I tried Teint Délectation after running out of Chanel Vitalumiere and have not switched since.  It’s the reason I (occasionally) get the “you have such lovely skin” compliment.  Lovely stuff – if you’re looking for a change, try it.  Touche Eclat is the only concealer that doesn’t make my wrinkles look wrinklier or make my eyes flakier.  It has great coverage and simply works.  I’m of the opinion that foundation and concealer shouldn’t be too exciting and these aren’t – they just get on doing what they’re supposed to do.

The only thing about the Teint Délectation bottle is the stupid metal coating on the top.  It’s been flaking off and into the squirt of foundation, so I end up with metal flakes on my face.  I need to stop putting the cap back on, really, but I like putting the cap back on.  Dilemma.

RéVive Moisturizing Renewal Cream

This is like putting acid on your skin. It burns! The pain!  I love it.  I imagine it’s dissolving away old, tired skin so that new, lovely skin can come through.  I have no idea what the bumpf says – let’s see how close I am…

Results include tight, glowing skin. This rich cream exfoliates, retextures uneven skin, improves skin clarity and creates a luminous, firm and youthful complexion. (from Space NK site)

I totally buy it.  Literally and figuratively.

A couple others

I love Philosophy Hope in a Jar – it’s another moisturiser that can burn and has pretty visible results for me.  What else?  Révive Fermitif Neck Renewal Cream.  It works!  I just haven’t bought more – am trying the Chantecaille one – but I probably will.

Most of these – well, all except one – were bought at Space NK.  I shop there, I like it, especially the Bishopsgate store.  If you do go and don’t have one already, get one of their loyalty cards, definitely worth it!

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