Tweetbot for Mac won’t open, unexpectedly quits (November 2012)

I love Tweetbot. You should get it. However, the first time I tried to open Tweetbot for Mac, something bad happened. I’m not sure what, but I got a dialogue box asking me… erm.. something. (I am posting this a few weeks after it happened. I should have kept the screengrab.) At any rate, I had two choices and no matter which choice I made, it hung for a minute and then quit.

They do have good support and a faq to walk you through some common problems.  It’s here: Tweetbot Help and you can email support at the bottom of that page. I tried re-downloading but that didn’t work – I think the problem was that in Tweetbot for Mac, I wasn’t getting rid of all of the corrupted settings. Here’s what the nice support person told me to do:

Try these steps to see if this fixes the issue:

1. Quit Tweetbot.
2. Open Finder. Go to your home folder.
3. Type command-shift-G (goto folder)
4. Type Library and press return (Library is a hidden folder hence needing to do this)
5. Then click on the folder ‘Containers’.
6. Find and delete the folder com.tapbots.TweetbotMac
7. Restart Tweetbot.

And that worked. If you try it after it’s been working, you’ll lose all your settings, I think, but I can’t see how that’d be a huge deal.



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