Some bath oils : Buy, buy again (again but these are for other people to buy you)

I have strong opinions on bath oils; it’s strange because I’m not hugely picky. Nevertheless, let me tell you how to buy bath oils for women.

Currently waiting to be used.

1. Buy a single bottle or small set of the good stuff (more on the good stuff below).

Don’t buy a gigantic set of products, eg this Soap and Glory set with everything you could need, plus mascara. Chances are, she won’t use half the stuff and each individual item is not terribly expensive on its own. She can buy it herself. Unless she’s asked for this! Then by all means, buy it for her. Why are you even reading this?

2. Buy your bath oil from a boutique or Space NK.

I think it’s less fun to get something you see when you’re out grocery shopping – makes it a bit everyday, don’t you think? Ordering online is ok, but there is no reason to use Amazon. Wean yourself from it. They are pretty evil. You are clever, you can find somewhere else and this post has links. Don’t sell out for a pound or two (or five or ten even).

 3. Don’t buy Space NK own brand.

Space NK’s own brand is hit or miss. Sometimes the misses are wildly off. I haven’t tried their new Beautannia range (hidden own brand) but just pick something else unless you’re sure she’ll like it.

Now for the fun part: here’s what I have and love. I have received all of these repeatedly as presents and am happy each time I do.

Aromatherapy Associates bath oils. Each is enough for a single bath.

If the woman for whom you are buying likes buying teas to revive & revitalise, to cleanse or for a moment of calm,  then she will probably like Aromatherapy Associates. They have bath oils to Relax, De-stress and Revive, to Support Equilibrium– the bumpf says

For when the going gets tough and you’ve got to keep going , therapeutic levels of pure essential oils combine to create a bath and shower oil that will help restore balance and positive thinking. Highly effective during times of stress and emotional upheaval, Support Equilibrium Bath & Shower Oil can also be enjoyed as part of a pampering bathtime soak.

– and much more. Buy the Ultimate Collection this year and next time, buy her the ones she likes best.

REN Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil

If she likes rose, then, easy, buy REN Moroccan Rose Otto Rose Bath Oil. It’s absolutely lovely. There’s not much more to say, this is the best rose bath oil out there.

Ortigia Lime Di Sicilia

Ortigia Lime Di Sicilia Bath Oil smells like I imagine Italy. I do mean imagine, not remember – I don’t remember anywhere in Italy smelling like this, although there were some excellent smells. This is limes and summer and soothing skies.

Another excellent brand I love – but have recycled the bottles – is Abahna. They have discontinued my favourite, the Frankincense and Sweet Orange, bastards.


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