Bath oils – a practical exercise to follow the previous bath oils post

You need to read the post on how to purchase bath oils as gifts first. Go on now, this won’t make much sense otherwise. Ok. Do you have a general idea of how to handle it? Let’s give it a whirl in a practical setting.

Today I received an email from Space NK, Delectable Bathing Gifts + FREE DELIVERY. Annoying shouting in the subject line aside, it’s a list of sets of bathing products to buy as gifts. Have a look. We’ll go through them one by one. I’m not going to deconstruct the email but will instead, for clarity, focus on the sets and take each one separately. I make no pretense of adhering to the principals I advocated previously.

British Bathing Heroes – Beautannia

Why they didn’t make this a proper alliteration, I’ll never know. Some people. Anyway.

So what do we know about this? It’s four bottles of Space NK’s own brand (new own brand) shower gel. Each is 100mL (I think – it doesn’t say on the site but mentions in the email – anyway, 100mL is about 1/2 a bottle, I’ll keep repeating this). It’s £30. Now, yesterday or the other day or whenever, I wrote that you shouldn’t buy Space NK own brands unless you’re sure your gift recipient likes them. Thinking about it and the fact that I am quite keen to try these in particular, in this form, four at once without a massive commitment, I am going to slightly change that advice. If your recipient starts to stress a bit when she has only 3 different gels sitting in the shower and likes Space NK, then this might be a good gift. HOWEVER, I think there is an above average chance they will be in the sale. So maybe not, especially if she avidly shops the sale.

I love that sort of thing. Never believe the medical benefits, go with the stuff where the placebo effect can kick serious ass.

Rose Experience Gift Set by REN

It’s REN, it’s rose, it’s lovely. 100mL (1/2 bottle ish) of the body cream and body wash and 30mL of the body oil and bath oil. It’s £32 and even though the body cream makes the body oil slightly redundant, it’d still make a lovely gift, I think. There’s also a smaller set for £18 which doesn’t have the body oil and has smaller versions of the cream and wash but still has 30 mL of the bath oil.

Ultimate Collection by Aromatherapy Associates

Ultimate Collection by Aromatherapy Associates as Space NK

We’ve been over this already. It’s a winner. What do you mean you don’t know that we’ve been over this already? Didn’t you read the previous post about bath oils? It’s in there. Space NK also has a version of this with a bit less in each mini bottle for a bit less money, but this one has 7.5mL samples, enough for one greedy bath or two not-so-greedy baths per bottle. That one has 3mL per bottle, enough for one bath. This one is £50, that one is £30.

Drift Away Collection – Life NK

Do I have to put a photo with this? Sigh. Here it is.

Drift Away Collection by life NK

I haven’t smelled this but am worried about the smell. Don’t buy this one, again, chances are it’ll be in the sale. If you want to buy something to sample the Life NK scents, try the Bath and Shower Gel Trio instead. This is £20. Not sure about sizes.

Essential Mineral Set by Sai-Sei

Essential Mineral by Sai-Sei at Space NK

I want to try this brand. But not like this. Soap? Who wants hard soap with a loofah in it? I mean, I can see wanting it but this is what it says…

How to apply:

Use Mineral Refresh Bath and Shower Gel and the Mineral Loofah Body Polish Soap to gently cleanse, exfoliate and tone. After bathing, apply Mineral Deep Moisture Body Cream to nourish and soften skin.

What? I totally don’t get it. Use the shower gel with the soap? No. That’s just weird. (Now I want to try it, of course.) However, here’s a good alternative if you like the look of it and, say, know your wife wants it: Essential Minerals (a similar name, I will admit, and a similar set except with a little fancy shower puff which makes way more sense). The shower gel and moisture cream are full size or close to itaccording to the email and I think it’s cheaper at £50 than buying them all separately.

Tarte Au Citron Bath & Body Duo by Laura Mercier

Something with lemon custard? by Laura Mercier at Space NK.

My husband once turned to me and said “You smell like a cupcake”. It wasn’t a compliment and I agreed, I smelled like a cupcake. I was trying to use up some sample body cream but gave up and threw it out. What I’m trying to say is that I’m unsure about smelling like a dessert. You can ooh and errr all you’d like about emitting an edible scent, but when it comes down to it, it’s not for everyone. Not for me at least. It does look nice and I’m sure it is nice, you get 150mL of each plus a dippy thingy for £25.

Last but not bathing related, the bottom of the email had Cellularose Brightening Cream by By Terry. I don’t think cellularose is a word but I want it.

And if you’re using this to buy presents, it’s at your own risk. How do I know?

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