Jan 12

Tobleroney goodness with a side of Nutella

I listen to my husband sometimes.  He says I never do. Current evidence would suggest otherwise.  Mere hours after he sent me the tweet:

@tharsheblows you should invent the toblerone crepe

I am sitting here feeling vaguely ill, having eaten too many of said crepes.  Here is the complicated recipe.

Make some crepes.  My recipe wasn’t good, so use whatever you usually use or google one.  Get a Toblerone and melt it in the microwave.  Soften / melt some cream cheese – about the same amount as the Toblerone.  I should mention at this point that I was going to use double cream, but it was off.  It was disgusting, if I’m sick later, that’s the reason.  Using sour cream was mooted but my son vetoed it.  I reckon it’d be good, maybe next time. Mix together the cream cheese and the Toblerone, then fill the warm crepes – I do it in the pan and then fold over as it’s easier to get them out.  There you go!  That’s it.  Yummy.  The cream cheese and Toblerone tastes like a Toblerone cheesecake filling, as it would.

[edit: appalling photo deleted, trust me, it was bad]

As a bonus, here is my husband’s excellent faux Nutella mousse recipe:

Mix together Nutella and double cream.