Jan 12

I agree completely

What I learned during an emotionally charged, frustrating phone call with the headmistress of my son’s (soon to be former) school:

  • I am more in control when I don’t respond to anything implied, but only to what is explicitly said.
  • Keeping it short works, as does not giving into the temptation to justify or explain.

    I hear you are considering leaving the school.



  • It’s possible to stop someone short by saying “I agree completely” and nothing else.

    This move will be extremely disruptive to your son.

    I agree completely


  • Ranting about a laundry list of minor complaints adds nothing.
  • I don’t have to reply to questions. “I’m not going to answer that” is an answer.
  • There is no point rehashing old arguments; it is frustrating and counterproductive.
  • When I’m more gracious and less horrid, I win.

Jan 12

Everything starts with coffee

My next goal might be to clean up a bit before taking photos.

Embarrassingly simple: I have learned to make or, maybe, simply have started making Americanos.  We have all the gear, have had it for years. But I am lazy and usually make my coffee in a cafétiere which broke a few days ago.  Previously, when using this machine, I just stuck a big mug under it and let it fill up.  It doesn’t taste great, but is potable.  Last year, I had a proper Americano at Amandine Café – a heavens opening moment, angels singing, that sort of thing.  It might have been my mood.  I thought that I could possibly do that (make espresso, add hot water).  And a few months later, in my time of need, I have.

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